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Business in Brazil
While Brazil is recognised as an excellent business opportunity with over 170 million consumers, many companies are deterred by the language and perceived cultural differences. There are indeed some obstacles to doing business in Brazil, but the barriers faced by foreign companies are not much different to those faced by domestic companies. Yes, it is complicated to set up in Brazil, but with our help you can avoid the basic pitfalls and start right from the beginning. In 2009 we are aware of rapid improvements in the system of formations, this is making the process faster and less restrictive when all is prepared in advance..

Company Formations (opening companies for international entrepreneurs since 2001)
CoForma´s experienced professionals will assist you with all aspects of your company formation in São Paulo, Brazil. We will pursue the registration of your Brazilian company by rigorously addressing all aspects of the process of incorporation in São Paulo, Brazil. Our professionals are Accountants, Lawyers and Business Managers, and thus we are well placed to understand the intricacies of the process of incorporation in Brazil and from an international perspective. When you open a company in São Paulo, there are a number of mistakes that are commonly made, mistakes that delay your business and add to your costs. For a service company, you should plan for 2 months, for a company that will import or export, you should plan several months in advance.

Simple formation of a company to include CNPJ, transfer of ownership to foreign partners (individuals, not corporate), transfer of address. This includes obtaining registration in Brazil of individual foreign partners called a CPF.

Formation of a company with maintaining a dormant company. Includes: CNPJ, transfer of ownership to foreign partners (individuals, not corporate), transfer of address. This includes obtaining registration in Brazil of foreign partners called CPF. Maintenance of company including providing Power of Attorney, filings to the city, state and federal authorities for 1 year.

Tax Advice and Management
Our team includes accountants and lawyers specialising in Brazilian tax law to better serve the needs of our domestic and international clients. This advice begins with your first investment in Brazil, it is extremely important that you get sound advice before transferring any funds to Brazil, you should make your consultant aware of the purpose of the transfer and the conditions of repatriation.

Trademark Applications, Final Fees and Renewals
We can provide searches, processapplications, maintain and monitor your applications to the Trademark Office. This is an essential service for clients, opening a company in Brazil without first checking that your preferred name is available can be costly.

Tax Advice in Brazil About us
Company Formation Brazil CoForma are company formation professionals that are able to guide you through the government departments and documentation required for opening a company in São Paulo, Brazil.
Brazil business assistance Assist and maintain contact with your Brazilian partners.
Tax Planning Brazil Taxation planning and consultation in Sao Paulo.
Secretarial Service Brazil Providing information to allow you make an informed decision as to where to locate in São Paulo.
Legal Service Brazil

Act as Power of Attorney if the need exists during the application process in Brazil. Your Power of Attorney must be a Brazilian national or permanent resident.

Open a company in Brazil Provide Brazilian Nominee Directors where we are the auditors or providing accounting service.
Open a company in Brazil Referral to professionals in São Paulo.
Open a company in Brazil Trademark Applications in Brazil cost $650 per classification.
Open a company in Brazil Domain name registration in Brazil ( and maintenance $65 per year.
Import Export License Contract analysis and searches before you buy a property in Brazil.
Import Export License Introductions to other professional services: import/export, temporary work permits, visas etc.
Import Export License Coforma is an association of Michael Lynch, Miguel Camaro and Peter de Fonseca Vaz.
Import Export License  
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Business Name, Trademark and Domain Name Registration
Business in Brazil
  CoForma is able to manage all aspects of your company image, trademarks and registration of business names. CoForma will register and maintain the protection of your business name as an integral part your corporate image portfolio, and the consequent trading reputation of your business and company. Your domain name registration can also be accomplished. more...  

It is our pleasure to provide a wide range of business support services. Coforma has two office locations in the city of São Paulo. Background information on business in Brazil, click here.

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  Profile - Coforma represents international business in Brazil  
  CoForma was formed to provide a dedicated corporate services to Brazilian small to medium sized companies and to assist foreign companies. We seek to advance and adapt our services to meet the particular and individual demands of our international clients. We are pro-active in our determination to offer a service that meets the changing demands of business in Brazil. CoForma is pleased to provide a dedicated service to over 200 companies.  

CoForma - Corporate and Incorporation Services
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