CoForma provides small and medium size companies with company formation, taxation and accountancy services along with trademark and domain name registration. Many clients rely on us for local support and back office services.

attention to clients

We seek to advance and adapt our services to meet the particular and individual demands of our clients. We are proactive in our determination to offer a service that meets the changing demands of business in Brazil.

services provided

(A) Accounting reports > keeping clients aware of their business condition, annual report, financial details and tax assessment.

(B) Fiscal Obligations> bookkeeping services for invoicing, sales and purchasing, verification of monthly receipts, taxes and contributions, decalarations to Federal and State authorities, attention to fiscal and other associated services.

(C) Human Resources Management > control of payments, receipts and contributions related to employee and employer relationship.

(D) Other Services > control of company documentation, support and assistance to company management relations between head Office and satellites, including international corporations.

company formation and associated services

      Registration with, federal, state and local authorities;

      Registration of foreign employees;

      Registration with the Central Bank of Brazil;

      Other serices as required

Average period for completion of process after signing of articles of association..45/60 days.

Note: We can transfer existing companies in certain circumstances.

Federal taxes

Currently we have two systems for payment of federal taxes:

  Presumido Real
PIS 0.65% (1) 0.00 to 1.65% (1) (3)
COFINS 3,00% (1) 0,00% to 7,00% (1)
IMPOSTO DE RENDA  1,20% to 4,80% (1)(4)        15,00% (2)
ADDITIONAL TO INCOME TAXES 0,00% to 3,20% (5)    0,00% to 3,20% (5)
SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION         1,08% to 2,88% (1)         9,00% (2)

(1)    – Percentage on invoices issued during each month.

(2)    – Percentage charged on the difference between receipts and expenses.

(3) –  In the system, taxes on profits are not cumulative.

(4) – Profit > 1.2% for goods and 4.8% for services.

(5) – Additional above profits above R$ 20.000,00 per month, apply 10%


Tax on industrial products imposed on factories in Brazil or when goods are imported and sold without intermediaries.

The rates vary considerably, with the highest rates applied to goods considered to be least essential.

System of verification has a credit for purchases and debits for sales.

The same rate is applied throughout Brazil.


applies to commercial operations.

System of verification, where we adjust for credits and debits on purchase and sales invoices .

Rates vary according to origin and destination

This tax is often very high and it is thus very important to study in detail the operation before the costs arise.

Ø      The rate in the State of São Paulo is 18,00%;

Ø      Sales to other states are between 7,00 e 12,00 %.


charged on service invoices.

The payment of ISS is regulated and deducted in the municipality of the company’s head office.

It can be advisable in some cases to establish the head office in a different location from the operations centre.

ISS – SÃO PAULO                                        5,00%

ISS – POÁ                                                      2,00%             

ISS – SANTANA DE PARNAÍBA        0,74%  À 2,00% (Conforme a atividade)           

Return on investment

Net Profits after income tax is not taxable when remitted to the country of origin. Provision of services and payment of royalties is subject to tax at a rate between 15,00% e 25,00%

Fees and expenses of company formation

Service Company                                US$ 1.500,00

Merchant Company                           US$ 2.500,00

Monthly service fee

Calculated in advance and depending on the complexity and hours required.

De US$ 300,00 (calculado por hora)

Dormant company: US$ 2000 por ano incluso

Limited company vs Subsidiary

When entering Brazil, a common doubt is whether to form a wholly owned subsidiary of form a limited company. We observe that few choose the former

A limited company is subject to simple regulations whereas a subsidiary must obtain a presidential decree to be formed, must publish accounts and subject to credit restrictions.



















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