Nonresident individuals or legal entities almost exclusively open a Limited Company recognized by Brazilian legislation. There is no distinction made between domestic and foreign companies in the legislation in general and one of the basic rules is that foreign capital is treated as equal to domestic capital. There are, however, some restricted economic sectors, where foreign capital is still prohibited or subject to certain limitations. These sectors are those considered to be of great national interest, for example media ownership.

Formation of a company in Brazil is a complicated process and continues after formation with a substantial number of monthly , quarterly and annual reports to local state and federal authorities.


The Ltda can be organised as a civil or commercial company, depending on the definition of its objectives set forth in the Social Contract or Articles of Incorporation. Liabilities are limited to the total amount of company capital;

A limitada requires 2 partners, each partner (an individual or foreign company) must have a legal representative in Brazil, this can be any Brazilian or other person woth residency in Brazil. Many clients use their accountant, lawyer or other professional to be their Power of Attorney. We always recommend that each partner have a separate representative.

A brief introduction to opening a Limited Company is attached here.

There is no minimum capital requirement except for certain types of companies such as export/import and trading companies.

The articles of association must state who is to be the ADMINISTRATOR.

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